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21ft 150hp

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21ft Bayliner 150hp

Weekday Rates

$165 an hour

Rent for +3hrs on weekday

$145 an hour

Rent for the day (9 hours total)

$110 an hour

Weekend Rates

$175 an hour

Rent for +4hrs on weekend

$155 an hour

Rent for the day (9 hours total)

$120 an hour

21ft Bayliner Details

Spec overview

21 feet 150 horse power Outboard Mercury
7 Seats Bow Rider iphone and USB equiped Stereo
am/fm radio Safety Equipment Life Jackets
Maps of Inlet

This is the best way to enjoy the calm pristine lake-like waters of the Indian Arm Inlet. Save over $100 in gas when you rent from us. ***Price does not include gas or tax. No boating license required***


Though you do not legally need a Boating License to rent a boat you MUST have a driver's license and you MUST have previous boating experience. As per our insurance requirements and recommendations from Transport Canada, if we feel that you are unable to safely operate our boat due to lack of experience, we unfortunately will not be able to rent you a boat.

If we feel that everyone in your group has little to no boating experience we polity ask that you do not book a boat with our company as we will not be able to send you out. We want to avoid the inconvenience of having to cancel a booking made by a group on the day of their rental due to a lack of experience of the groups driver. This policy is in place for safety purposes only. (Charters are available if you lack previous boating experience). A common question we receive is “how do we prove we have boating experience?” Our answer to that is we have over 25 years experience in this business and it is very clear to us right away whether or not someone knows how to safely operate a boat. This is why we ask about a groups experience in our screening questions when a request is made. We want to provide a safe rental and environment for our clients as well as the other boaters on the water. This policy is in place to ensure those safety requirements and no exceptions will be made if we feel you cannot operate a boat safely. Because of the large increase in boat and freighter traffic under the bridges over the last few years as well as all the tug boat and float plane traffic unfortunately the days of hopping on a boat in the Port of Vancouver with little to no experience is no longer an option. No drinking alcohol allowed on the boats

We reserve the right to refuse service if we believe saftey requirements are not met.

We are here to provide a Vancouver boat rental service to those that want to see our remarkable scenery and beautiful waters. Whether you are a tourist, local, or something in between, we aim to offer an exceptional experience BUT not at the expense of your safety or the safety of other boaters. That is the only reason we reserve the right to refuse service.

Boat driver must be 23 years or older and make clear they understand the saftey rules and operator obligations. Rates DO NOT include insurance, gas, and tax.

1. Do I need a Boating License?

No. We are able to provide you with a license for the duration of your rental by completing an easy safety checklist. But the operator MUST have previous boating experience.

2. Can anyone rent a boat?

As much as we would like to say yes, the answer is no.

Not everyone is able to meet our qualifications in order to rent a boat. For safety reasons only, all potential customers MUST have previous boating experience and must be able to speak, read, and understand English. If someone is unable to understand the rules and guidelines of renting a boat due to a language barrier, then we reserve the right to refuse service due to safety concerns.

What is previous boating experience? This means that the operator can safely operate a boat and be able to show our staff that they can comfortably operate a boat. There is a zero tolerance policy for inexperienced boaters. Please make sure you or someone in your group meets this requirement before booking. In the past we have had negative experiences with groups with little to no experience. Feel free to call or email if you need further details regarding our previous boating experience policy.

If we feel like a person is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, then we reserve the right to refuse service.

We are here to provide a service to those that want to see our remarkable scenery and beautiful waters. Whether you are a tourist, local, or something in between, we aim to offer an exceptional experience BUT not at the expense of your safety or the safety of other boaters. That is the only reason we reserve the right to refuse service.

We do offer guided tours so you can still get out on the water.

3. What are your boundaries?

Bowen Island to the West and Indian Arm to the East.

4. What are your hours of operation?

We are open from 10 till 8 everyday, 7 days a week. Last boat out at 6 and must be back by 8. We will gladly accommodate earlier rentals; however, arrangements must be made in advance. Weather conditions and charters may affect our hours of operation.

5. Can we reserve a boat? And if so, how far in advance? Is there a deposit required? Yes you can reserve a boat and we encourage you to do so. All booking requests are to be done online.

Although reservations are recommended at anytime, they are especially useful on weekends due to high demand. It is recommended that reservations are made several days in advance, especially for weekend rentals.

There is a $224 deposit required that will be credited towards your rental. 48 hours cancelation policy in effect for full refunds. If it rains on the day of your reservation then your deposit will be refunded.

6. Can we drink alcohol on the boat? No. The same rules to drinking and driving apply on the water.

7. Can we water ski or tow tubes? Due to insurance restrictions, we are not able to allow our boats to be used for those purposes. We do, however, offer guided waterski charters. Call for more info.

8. What are the extra costs on top of the hourly rental rate? There is a one time $10/$20 insurance charge for the boat, fuel and tax. Fuel costs depend on how far and how fast you are going. The faster you go the more fuel you use.

9. Where does your sightseeing tours go? We do not have set tours. We provide more of a custom tour based on what our clients want to see and how long they want to go. With our knowledge of the area and hot spots we are sure to get you the most out of the tour.

10. Why us? We have great boats! And the safest, best and fastest access to travel up Indian Arm when leaving from Vancouver. Save time and money leaving from Coal Harbour and its direct access to Indian Arm and avoid the long and sometimes choppy trip around Stanley Park and under the Lionsgate Bridge when leaving from False Creek.

(The Port of Vancouver has raised some safety concerns with rental boats crossing under the Lionsgate Bridge because of all the large freighter traffic).

We also have the best parking options of any of the Vancouver Boat Rentals companies, We have Pay Parking options that are a two minute walk away from our office. With no limits on time, you can pay for what you need and not stress out when on the water (especially if you want to extend your time on the water).

Parking so close comes in handy when lugging around coolers and supplies for your day on the water. So, when you book with us you get the convenience of knowing exactly where to park and that you will be up and down Indian Arm much faster than if you leave from False Creek. Which saves you money on gas and time!

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